Improved UI

HQDucks interface has been tweaked: wider design not only gives more space for answer tables, but also allows to increase size of all fonts, improving text visibility. Easier for your eyes!

Source code has been re-written!

It's a huge change for us! That allows us to implement some great new features, improve performance, and, of course, eliminate existing bugs. Just to show how dramatically was the bot optimized: part of the code which works with search engines has been reduced from ±700 lines in to just ±100! In a sense, it's a whole new bot now. Just much better!

New: Search Modes

You can now change what algorithm does the bot use to get the results! At the moment, there are two modes available:


'Scarp Links' - classic mode from previous versions. Bot gathers links from the search engine and goes trough them, counting occurrences of each answer on web-page.


'Total results' - Inputs a question with a single answer into the search engine one by one, then compares the amount of total results given by the search engine for each answer.


We explain how both of these modes work in detail in this new help page.

New: Search Engines

Due to the source code re-writing, we are now able to

implement new search engines without much coding

and optimizations. So we can add as many

as we want!


Saying that, maybe you know a good, bot-friendly search

engine? If so, fell free tell us, we gonna add it. It can be

your local, one language engine as well!


Besides, there are currently six search engines which meet our criteria: Mojeek, Ekoru, GiveWater, as well as good old DuckDuckGo, Google and Ecosia.org. This list may increase upon release, or in later updates.

2nd Engine

1st Engine

New: Error Handling

If you used HQDuck for a while, there is a good chance

that you've seen how sometimes it just gets stuck

at some point, for seemingly no reason, without

any error messages; and even if it gives you an error

message, it kind-a too generic and not really helpful?


To fix both of these issues, we re-created error handling

system. From now on, every error has a unique code, and

all these codes will be documented in our support page.

Furthermore, because of that system it's impossible to get stuck, all threads have timeouts and error codes upon timing out.


If an error occurs, the bot is gonna continue according to the settings, and if it's not possible - will give you an error code, which you can read about and fix.

Empty area example (auto-switch on):

- Sends the image to Online server;

- Upon getting no text back, switches to Offline OCR;

- No text here either, so it flashes the error message and its code, which contains the same info as above

New: Search Limits

This new feature allows you to limit all search results

to just a one website.


Two default presets: Wikipedia.org and Reddit.com, but you can enter any custom website instead.


For example, if you enter 'es.wikipedia.org' as your custom website, all the results would be from Spanish Wikipedia only.

New: Timeout System

In previous versions, we were using Window's built-in feature to track how long does it take to preform a request. It was very limited and unreliable, thus we developed our own timeout system.


It allowed us to added more timeout-based features and settings:


- In 'Scarp Links' search mode, if a website takes too long to answer, the bot will skip it and continue to the next one.


- In two search engines mode, if one of search engines takes too long to gather results, the bot will skip it and work in one engine mode.


You can also increase/decrease any of these timeouts it Additional Settings, right inside the bots interface. Also, all previous features that rely on timeouts (like OCR's Auto-Switch) are now work flawlessly.

Improved OCR

As with every other part of this update, the code behind OCR has been completely re-written, which led to improving both speed and accuracy.


You can especially see it with Offline OCR, as it dramatically improves how it works with small text compared to version 7.1.


Online OCR received a lot of optimizations as well: image compression, gray-scaling, new ocr.space algorithm for Germanic languages, and overall performance optimizations.

New: Compression for OCR


In OCR, there is a delicate balance between accuracy and speed, and that balance is different for all games. To help  you find the best balance for your game, we introducing a new compression tool.


Using it, you can setup Online OCR's compression, see how severally each level affects the image, compare how much does it weight, and preform an OCR test to check if its accurate and fast enough.


As a general rule, the less different objects there are in the area, the higher compression can be applied, and therefore increasing uploading times. Check yourself!

(Try to change using arrows!)

New: Language Manager for Offline OCR

A new, built-in way to download any of over 140 languages for Tesseract OCR. Manage all the languages you need right inside the bot, and quickly switch between them as well!

New: Show Game Area Outline


It is now possible to always display an outline of the game area you've selected, making it much easier to see what exactly is gonna be pictured and processed.


Very useful to show what profile have what area selected as well.


Works with both one and two areas selection mode. See quick demo:

New: Colorful Profiles

Answer bars, counts and outline of the game area are all gonna change their color to the color of selected profile. Really comes in handy to determine which profile you are using right now.


Fear not: you can change ALL the colors! If you won't, are three built-in color palettes you can choice from as well.  And the cool part: icons, being dynamically generated, are gonna change their appearance too!


Now you can rename profiles inside the bot now as well. Options to reset names, colors and selected areas are also now avaliable.


With numbers

If you have any trouble differentiating colors, or just want to see the numbers anyway, we made that option too!

Reduced Reloading

Re-writing the bot allowed us to change some

internal behaviors, and reloading is a noticeable



Now, for majority of it, there is no more reloading

after changing the settings. Even some of the UI

changing settings are now use animations

instead of reload.


Not only saves a second here and there, but

also looks hypnotizing.

New: Browser Only mode

This mode works best for those 'true/false', 'yes/no'

and similar games, where there is no defined answers.

However, it can be used with any games too!


In this mode, using only the OCR part of the bot, you

can just send the question to your browser, without

using any Internet speed on built-in searching.


You can even disable the answers for good, leaving only the question itself for the OCR to look for. Endless opportunities!

Additional Settings, Changes and Features

- If the profile you've playing with does not have a selected area yet, it would replace 'Scan' button with 'Setup' button, which start selecting process for whichever area mode (one or two areas) you've selected in settings. If you've selected two areas mode, it will automatically prompt you to select answers after selecting question.


- When focused on the bot, press ESC to reload (CTRL+R works even if bot is not in focus)


- In 'Scrape Links' search mode, if the bot can't find any answers, if possible, it will sum all the values inside answers split table until it finds a whole answer. That's not very accurate, but better than no results at all. To indicate that, 'Guess' filed would be marked with '*' sign. Thats' not a entirely new behavior, but it has been changed. '*' sign is brand new trough.


- New Account UI instead of 'License' menu.


- Option to disable/enable all animations


- Option to disable/enable all icons


- Option to disable bots high priority over other processes (that wasn't the case before, it's a new feature)


- Option to disable the bot being on top of other windows.












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